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Since my graduation in 2018 I practiced osteopathy in a way it was taught at the Sutherland College of Amsterdam. The reason I now work together with Floris Dekker is to enhance my skills in biodynamic osteopathy, as it was founded by Andrew Taylor Still and further developed by William Garner Sutherland, practiced and passed through by Rollin Becker, Ruby Day, Anne Wales to James Jealous. Especially James Jealous has done great efforts to pass through the biodynamic skills and teachings, on which a lot of the techniques used in our practice are based on.

Besides osteopathy I practice a modern form of Shaolim Kungfu martial arts by master S.B. Lee for over ten years now. This is a tremendous supplement to osteopathy for me. By practicing chiqong exercises all our bodies tissues are trained, we practice breathing techniques and our immunity is enhanced. By practicing contact exercises in the group in a respectful and well dosed way we push our mental and physical boundaries in a safe and trusted way, without pain or fear. We practice tact and timing by direct, simple and effective exercises resulting in more confidence, better resilience and becoming a more independent person.